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Until now, March 3rd 2010, over 800 people were killed, an uncertain number of people is still missing and it is estimated than around 1.5 million homes were destroyed or damaged. Due to the vast extension of the area affected, an evaluation of the earthquake’s effective impact cannot be determined under only few hours, but it is known that electricity and basic services, such as drinking water, are damaged. Regional hospitals in the southern regions of Maule and Bío-Bío had suffered damaged and some were evacuated. If you want to assist the earthquake victims, check below the following sites where you can donate money to help them rebuild their lives and their communities.

We will try to maintain this website updated with the most current information on how and where to help, feel free to contact us: Chilean Association at Cornell (CHAS)

On February 27th 2010, at 3:34 am local time, an 8.8 strength earthquake hit most of the central and southern parts of Chile, from Valparaíso to Concepción.

Embassy of Chile, USA

Read the Statement by H.E. José Goñi, Ambassador of Chile to the United States, regarding earthquake relief efforts.

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The Chilean 24-hour Telethon finished with a big surprise: it doubled the $30 Million goal to $60 Million. As a big demonstration of success, Chilean President Bachelet and President-elect Piñera got embraced in a big hug at the end of the event.